Ready to roll?

Ready to roll?

Distribution centres need to ensure their equipment is fit for purpose to make the most of an increase in sustainability gains and productivity profits from new wrap products. That’s why we have recently been retrofitting pallet wrappers to ensure the rollers can effectively work with this new film.


Retrofit your rollers and you will be…

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There’s always the risk as technology advances that gains in one area can negatively affect other areas. It can result in not so much of a leap forward as an awkward stumble.

Much of the pallet wrapping equipment in New Zealand currently in use has been designed for operating with older types of blown stretch wrap. While the harsh dimpled rubber of the pre-stretch rollers worked well for the unyielding blown film of the past the new generation of wrap requires a softer touch.

This means that inside the unit the tack build up and dust accumulation from use of the old style of blown film causes this new wrap to slip, distort and lose stretch.

It’s one of the reasons why we have been busy swapping out old rollers for new versions or re-lagging existing rollers for the new wrap. 

The new type of rubber increases the contact area with the film, creating a greater stretch with less effort required. The opacity of the film is improved and there is no tack build-up. All in all, that means the wrapper is delivering greater stretch for an improved yield with less breakage and a clearer application.

There’s more good news too. After a site visit to confirm the equipment details we prepare the new rollers remotely before returning for the upgrade and testing – a process that can be finished within the matter of a few hours.

If you believe your pallet wrapping equipment could benefit from a roller upgrade get in touch with one of our team. We can scope, fit and upgrade your unit quickly and cost-effectively. So you can let the good times (and great wrap) roll…

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