Introducing Nanowrap, a revolutionary new choice for cost-effective, wrap-efficient packaging.

Thanks to a unique raw material blending process and advanced extrusion technology this exceptional wrap leads the way in all relevant measures.


  • Load Stability
  • Cost Savings
  • Eco Sustainability
  • Common Sense

Available in multiple sizes and applications, put NanoWrap to the test to see just how much film you could save.

The success of Nanowrap© has not come overnight. Years of diligent research and development were undertaken before it was time for the first roll out of the wrap.

The primary focus of the R&D stage was on increasing structural strength and extension without compromising durability or increasing wastage. Successfully joining multiple layers into an ultra-thin polymer required the introduction of specialist technology and equipment.

The result was 33 layers of high-performance raw material – a uniquely formulated film with a core formation delivering maximum load stability and stretch capacity with minimal weight.

It’s how Nanowrap© now provides far greater benefits compared to conventional 5-7 layer stretch films. It’s why attention to the small details delivered big innovation for our wrap – and huge strength to your packaging.

Looks can be deceiving.

Put Nanowrap under the microscope however and you’ll see the difference in quality.


Load stability is vital to the ongoing safe storage and transportation of your products. Here pallet wrapping must combine elasticity for containment and durability for protection, but do so in a way that is both cost-effective and time-efficient.
 With 33 layers of specially formulated films Nanowrap delivers unrivalled performance levels in load distribution and production resistance. Even though overall thickness is reduced (in comparison to other packaging films) load stability is far higher.

 Achieving the perfect balance between ‘better safe than sorry’ wastage and ‘we thought it was safe, we’re sorry’ breakage can be difficult. With Nanowrap you’ll have ultimate peace of mind that your pallet is packaged and protected.

The toughness test.

The ASTM D1709, ISO 7765-1 standards use the Dart Puncture Impact test to determine the impact strength and/or toughness of plastic film. This test uses a single dart configuration and a single drop height, while varying the weight of the dart.
When compared with conventional film Nanowrap displayed significantly higher resistance to punctures.

Even the smallest gains can make a big difference in the logistical costs of a company. So when you are using up to 35% less wrap per pallet, well… those savings can be significant.

The best way to ensure a cost-efficient introduction of any new wrap product is with an initial SCOPE consultation from our technical sales team.

With this expert evaluation you’ll receive all the relevant figures and the best way forward before any trial is undertaken.
From there you’ll see the difference in costs for yourself – we have achieved proven savings of over 35% when Nanowrap has been introduced.

The rational and forward-thinking company will always view wastage as unacceptable. It creates ongoing inefficiency – and negatively affects both profit and planet.

Our responsibility to sustainability must therefore always concentrate on how we can do more with less. It’s why we’re so proud of the gains that Nanowrap has made.

Nanowrap can reduce film weight by a staggering 35%.
Yes, that’s right. The fully recyclable plastic wrap delivers the exact same load coverage and containment as that of twice as much conventional wrap.

This unique capability massively reduces film waste and subsequently minimises any potential landfill impact too.

There’s also a reduction on shipping weight – with less weight per pallet less fuel is needed. So you can reduce your carbon footprint by ensuring fewer resources are used with less waste as a result.

From sugar to cleaning products to baby food, leading New Zealand companies have already discovered the difference Nanowrap can make to their bottom line. Are you ready to make the move?

Nanowrap© has already improved the overall film load containment and reduced the per-pallet cost for companies like NZ Sugar, Nutricia and 30 Seconds.

When it comes to meeting and surpassing everyday packaging standards Nanowrap ticks every box as easily as it covers
every pallet.

To receive a free audit today with one of our technical sales team contact our service team on  0800 700 000.

Free one-hour site evaluation.

35% more pallets wrapped per roll.

Potentially thousands of dollars in savings.

Zero reasons not to choose Nanowrap.

Code Description Rolls
Per Carton
Per Pallet

NanoWrap Machine Stretchwrap,

500mm x 2720m x 12mu

1 50

NanoWrap Machine Stretchwrap,

500mm x 2175m x 15mu

1 50

NanoWrap Machine Stretchwrap,

500mm x 1920m x 17mu

1 50

NanoWrap Machine Stretchwrap,

500mm x 1630m x 20mu

1 50

NanoWrap Machine Stretchwrap,

500mm x 1420m x 23mu

1 50

NanoWrap Machine Stretchwrap,

750mm x 2175m x 15mu

1 50

NanoWrap Machine Stretchwrap,

750mm x 1920m x 17mu

1 50

NanoWrap Machine Stretchwrap,

750mm x 1920m x 17mu