Premium PET Strapping

For pallet polyester strap you can trust to stay tight and strong from strap to unpack, our PET Strapping is the right choice.

While lightweight in design it has stay-tough construction, ensuring long-term strapping peace of mind.

Quantity/ Pallet

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Premium PET Strapping
16mm x 1.0mm x 1150m
Smooth surface
Breaking strain: 620kg

24 Rolls

Premium PET Strapping
Fully Auto Grade
12mm x 0.7 x 2200m
Embossed surface
Breaking strain: 300kg

24 Rolls
42005Premium PET strapping 
9mm x 0.65mm x 3200m
Embossed surface
Breaking strain: 210kg
20 Rolls


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Premium PET Strapping

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