A faster approach to hand wrapping. A stronger, thinner stretch film. The smarter way to sustainable gains. The BOLT dispenser and NanoLite wrap go hand-in-hand making hand wrapping safer, stronger and greener.

Our superior NanoLite film is up to 50% thinner than the competition. This thin gauge significantly reduces the volume of film needed to securely wrap pallets, reducing plastic usage considerably. And with the BOLT hand dispenser there’s no more awkward bending, walking backwards, tricky stretching, knuckle grazing or friction burns. With the feather-light but sturdy design comes simplicity in use. It’s safe. It’s easy. And it’s seriously fast.


The film.
  1. Superior containment. 
    Tough 33 nano-layer technology, delivering robust film with superior containment force.
  2. Phenomenal precision.
    Pre-stretched to provide exact application tension, resulting in optimum load holding force.
  3. Reinforced resistance.
    Reinforced folded edge for additional load containment, eliminating tearing from the edge.
  4. Reduced footprint.
    LLDPE recycle code 4, ensuring film is fully recyclable. Lightweight 1-inch diameter cardboard core, reducing waste and environmental impact.
The dispenser.                        
  1. Reliable tension.
    A clever torque limiter ensures consistent tension without placing unnecessary pressure on the film core.
  2. Smart design.
    Additional tension adjustment and an ergonomic curved handle makes ongoing operation incredibly easy.
  3. Built-tough performance.
    A strong, lightweight drop-resistant frame and tensioning knob means it will take the knocks and keep on wrapping.
  4. Fast reloading ease.
    The unique quick-release feature is designed for easy roll replacement to reduce unnecessary downtime.
Download the product brochure below for the step-by-step guide to using this hand-in-hand solution.   
Code Description Rolls
Per Carton
Per Pallet

BOLT Dispenser

- -

NanoLite 380x480x5um Hand Wrap

8 288

NanoLite 380x323x7.4um Hand Wrap

8 288