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Uncovering the process – Wrap parameters

There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to making the most of your wrapping equipment. 

Even the simplest, entry-level units have a range of settings that need consideration. Universal Packaging’s Application Specialist Jed Goudie continues his series of packaging insights with this month’s look at wrap parameters – what changes can be made on your pallet wrapper (and why).

Button mashing may occasionally get you through a tricky spot in a video game. But in real life it won’t take you to the next level of pallet packaging efficiency.

The equipment’s wrap parameters play a big part in the final result being loaded onto the truck. These are the variable settings on a pallet wrapper that can be manipulated to ensure film delivery is optimised, and that the correct wrap pattern is applied consistently.

Wrap parameters include carriage speed, turntable (arm) speed, film force, overwrap and rotations. Often these parameters can be set to have different values at different points in the wrap cycle.

For example, when wrapping lightweight or unstable loads that are inboard from a pallet you may actually utilise four or more different preset film force levels. Here are some tips.

  1. The initial rotations is where the film is the most vulnerable. Sharp protruding pallet corners may mean that the film force is at it’s lowest point when the cycle begins.
  2. As the carriage rises so should the film force. The balance will now be about ensuring unstable items are not pulled off the pallet while pushing the force closer to the optimum level.
  3. Once the top has been reached the pallet should now be stable. The downward stage is when film force should be maximised to the level where the goods are safely contained but not crushed.
  4. The final revolutions will be at a higher level than the start however now the balance is between the right number of rotations combined with the achievable film force that can withstand the corners.


Changing one parameter can have a big effect on all the other ‘moving parts’ of the process. The flow-on results in areas such as containment, film usage and cycle time can be considerable. That’s why it’s important any move is carefully managed, holistically focused and preferably made by an industry expert.

If you’re unsure if your equipment is operating to peak efficiency get in touch. We’re always happy to visit for a on-site assessment.

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Uncovering the process – Wrap parameters

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