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At Your Service: Manual Labour?

In these fast-paced, technology-filled times, all the knowledge in the world seems to be at our fingertips. Yet it can still be frustrating finding how to quickly and accurately source the right information.

Want to get the best from your Spinny unit, or fix small issues easily? You often won’t need to call anyone, look for a video online, or download some confusing app. Just check the manual!

Here are our five tips for quick, effective instruction use.

Tip 1. Actually Keep the Manual

Nowadays we’re meant to keep track of manuals for everything from cars to toasters, bike helmets to compost bins. It’s a veritable avalanche of handbooks! However, unlike the manual for your toothbrush, the one for your Spinny is actually quite helpful.

So, keep it always close by. Don’t worry if you’ve lost or damaged yours either. We can send a new physical copy out. These books also contain a QR code that can be scanned to access the latest updated online version of the manual.

Tip 2. Get with the Programme

According to Universal Packaging’s Stacey Edwards, many calls from customers are due to small technical issues. She says this often occurs when adjustments to the cycle programming have been made.

“Someone will have changed the settings and they now need them changed again,” she says. “When this occurs the first instinct is often to get on the phone for expert advice. We’re more than happy to help, but this information will be faster and easier to access if you’ve got the manual.”

Tip 3. Know your ‘Tight Three’ Pages

There are three of the most important pages to read says Stacey.

Starting up the wrapper. It’s an obvious one, right? But with new team members arriving, a busy distribution centre can often except someone to intuitively know how to work the equipment. Don’t leave it to chance.

Description of the commands. Distinguishing all the buttons and what each does is vital.

Programming work cycles. These instructions help for when you’re wanting to save a specific cycle program for the unique products being wrapped.

Tip 4. Trouble-shoot your way out

Got an issue where the answer isn’t obvious straight away? Head straight to the trouble-shooting section. Look for the ‘What to do if the machine doesn’t function properly” page – this will help you keep minor hiccups from becoming major digestion issues!

Tip 5. Check the Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of mechanical parts on your Spinny unit will help ensure stress-free operation while prolonging the life of the machine. The manual has plenty of tips on how to keep the equipment clean and working properly.

Remember too that some things can’t be found in the manual. The Universal Packaging service team is always ready to assist with any queries you might have.

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At Your Service: Manual Labour?

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