Dream Machine

Dream Machine

Does buying a pallet wrapping machine seem like a distant dream? We unwrap some of the biggest barriers when it comes to buying a new machine. 

Here are 4 reasons you should upgrade to a pallet wrapping machine in your DC

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Over the years, Universal Packaging has sold hundreds of stretch wrapping machines and it’s fair to say we’ve seen and installed machines in just about every kind of operation across New Zealand. This also means we’ve also come across the barriers that may prevent businesses from taking the leap to a new machine. 

Let’s unwrap these issues and find a solution.


“We don’t use enough wrap to warrant a machine.”

Swapping out hand wrapping for a machine will cut wrapping time and reduce the amount of plastic you’ll use. This means you’ll be ordering less wrap and have stronger, more reliable pallets. Machines are designed to stretch the film to the optimum amount every single cycle, so every pallet is wrapped the same. This eliminates the variability and instability that comes with hand wrapping.

If you're still looking for ways to optimise your hand wrapping without jumping in headfirst with a machine, view our range of hand wrap options here.

“Too expensive – We can’t justify the cost.”

We understand purchasing a new pallet wrapping machine can seem like a pretty significant investment initially. We can provide you with an ROI calculation that is realistic and attainable in a short period of time. We will also demonstrate clear savings that will be seen in both costs of film and labour. Alternatively, if you still can’t justify an upfront purchase, we have several lease and lease to own options available.


“The upkeep & Maintenance of a machine is too much admin; I don’t have time.”

The Universal Packaging service department will handle all servicing and breakdowns for you! When you purchase a machine from us, we will organise regular routine servicing and can have our nationwide team of service agents on-site in a flash if anything goes wrong with your machines. You can breathe easy knowing we will love your machine just as much as you do.

“I don’t have space in my distribution centre”

Space is a luxury in many DC’s and finding the space for a machine can seem like an impossible task. Almost all of our machines take up just about the same amount of space it would take to wrap a pallet by hand. It also means you’ll have the pallet wrapped faster and into a tidy staging area without the hassle of moving a pallet too many times. We are experts at optimising the layout of your entire wrapping process. We will be able to find the space for a machine as well as showing real-time and cost savings for you and your team.

If you’ve still got some reservations about upgrading to a pallet wrapping machine, get in touch and we will help overcome these barriers.

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