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Spin Zone

The S140’s capabilities make it the perfect ‘Goldilocks’ choice for many New Zealand companies who want to send pallets sustainably, safely, and cost-effectively.

Case Study: Seales Winslow

The adjustable tension during the cycle is a massive help compared to what we had (pre-fire). There’s no breakage and no time wasting anymore.

Case Study: Sanitarium

Some things in life just go together perfectly. At Sanitarium that’s obviously Weetbix and fruit, Light n’ Tasty and UP & GO.

A load off your mind

The growth in popularity of the Spinny S300 will come as no surprise to those who have worked with this powerful, adaptable stretch wrapping equipment.

Get with the program

Once you have your programmed settings in and become familiar with the control panel, the Spinny S140 Advance is easy to use.

Elevation from semi-automation

With the ongoing challenges of a wobbly workforce many Kiwi companies are doing it tough trying to effectively and quickly palletise and ship goods. Now more than ever it seems easier to hand over your pallet shipping protection to semi-automation. And there are plenty of ways to make the right move in a financially prudent manner too…

At your service

It’s time to say arrivederci to frustrating language barriers on your Spinny machine.

A hand up from hand wrapping

For companies wanting greater packaging efficiency in 2022, the move to a Spinny pallet wrapper may be the perfect way to start the year. But what’s the best way to buy?

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