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Putting the S140 through its paces

The S140’s capabilities make it the perfect ‘Goldilocks’ choice for many New Zealand companies who want to send pallets sustainably, safely, and cost-effectively.

It’s built-tough durability is renowned throughout the country and, with four programmable wrapping cycles, there’s the adaptability to change the tension, speed and wrap layers to cover all types of pallet-loads with confidence. As the S140 applies exactly the right amount of film at a consistent tension big savings can be made on wrap costs – and there’s far less chance of damage to products in shipping.

This makes it consistently dependable for shipping large, unwieldy, or fragile pallet loads, and is why it is trusted by companies such as Coca-Cola, Turners & Growers and Champion Flour.

For medium-sized businesses the S140 is also proving indispensable, the semi-automation capability ensuring an end to frustrating and time-consuming palletisation bottlenecks.

Check out how the Spinny S140 helped Ecolab clean up their pallet wrapping process:

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