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Meet the team: Sarah Menefy

The role of a service coordinator is never a dull one. It’s not quite herding cats – but some days it can sure seem that way.

It’s why you need patience, perseverance, and plenty of experience to connect the dots and clear the path, ensuring every result is an effective and enduring one. And that’s why the arrival of Sarah into our service coordinator position is such a happy one for the team here at Universal Packaging. 

With a nationwide purview and a huge range of equipment and customer needs, her focus, friendliness, and impressive organisational skills help ensure our service continues to deliver the smiles.

What brought you to the role at Universal Packaging? 

My personal values really aligned with Universal Packaging’s values. I wanted to step back into a role that was fast paced and challenging.

What does your daily work look like? 

Each day is different, and everything is always changing – which is what I love the most about my role.

What are the highlights of your workday? 

The daily quizzes are always fun. I also love interacting with others and problem solving.

How do you think your personal attributes help with the job? 

I am great at building relationships, I have a solutions-based attitude, and I manage my time well. I take pride in being very organised, which is a big advantage in a role like mine.

What’s your favourite place in New Zealand? 

Lake Tekapo, during winter of course. There’s nothing quite like mountains covered in snow above a crystal-clear lake.

A package of your three favourite things has turned up on your desk. What’s inside? 

Plane tickets to another country for a holiday, a bunch of Japanese food, and a bottle of gin.

“…everything is always changing – which is what I love about my role.”

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Meet the team: Sarah Menefy

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