Get a load of what’s going on…

Get a load of what’s going on…


The buzz from above

When it comes to ‘stacking and tracking’ the bigger you are the more chance there is for small issues to accumulate into sizeable losses.

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Your New Year’s equipment resolutions. Get into good habits with a machinery health check.

Realistically, these should be done weekly. So now’s the time to get into a best-practice mindset with the scheduling of a regular equipment check-up. 1.

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Profit from the pallet

IKEA is a brand like no other, with their ethos of good design being “the perfect combination of form, function, quality and sustainability, all at an affordable price” making it a furniture...

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Honey glazed barbeque?

There was a great response to our BBQ&A and some interesting results coming through from many of your answers.

Atlantic Visit

Connect and Conquer - How connected technology delivers big gains from small measures.

On a recent research trip to the United States our visits to Pack Expo 2018 and a world-leading pallet wrapping test facility provided plenty of food for thought with how...

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It is easy being green

The change to a more sustainable use of resources (and the reasons why we must do so) often seems overwhelming.

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Testing the laws of physics with Newton

Three of the Universal Packaging team visited Malaysia in May to see up close our innovative pallet wrap put to the test by the laws of motion.

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Doing more with less

Let’s not pretend anything else – we’re a high profile supplier of plastic. Due to this we occasionally receive colourful comments on social media about our work.

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