Perforated sheets of plastic film on a roll to protect the top of palletised goods and large articles from dirt, rain and other damage during transit.

Pallet Top Sheets come as a continuous single wound sheet (SWS) for fully automated machine application and are often custom made to suit the client’s machine.

Heavy-duty heat shrinkable and non-shrinkable pallet shrouds, used to provide a secure, puncture and weather-resistant covering for unstable, heavy/irregular shaped products.

Pallet Base and Layer Sheets offer protection from water, dirt or dust.

Using Cardboard Corner Boards (Edge Protectors) avoids costly damage to products in transit or storage.

It’s all ‘easy does it’ with our EziWrap. This bundling wrap can be used to replace tape and twine when packaging small items and, unlike tapes, it won’t stick to the product or leave residue.

STABULON anti-slip paper sheets reduce stacked product later shifting during shipping and handling

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