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The last thing you want to be thinking about when buying a new stretch wrapper is it breaking down. Yet over the lifetime of a stretch wrapper machine things will occasionally go wrong. With any mechanical equipment that manages this much throughput it’s hardly unexpected. 

Factor in lost productivity waiting for replacement parts and the cheapest machine certainly doesn’t always end up costing the least.

That’s why it’s important to maintain a relationship with the supplier of your machinery. We’re not talking life vows or anything here, just scheduled preventative maintenance and regular service checks.

We’ve developed our support system over the years to ensure we can deliver expertise when you need it, be it at the end of a phone or on site with the machine.

Our network of proven and trusted service agents throughout New Zealand can provide repairs, routine maintenance and service checks on pallet wrappers, and they respond to emergency call outs when you need fast assistance.

When it comes to wrapping machinery, it’s not just how it’s made but what it’s made of that’s important. Because our pallet wrappers use a high proportion of non-proprietary parts we can quickly and easily source parts. In most instances the service agent will be able to find any required spares locally, resulting in minimum production downtime.

It’s all part of an after-sales service commitment that we pride ourselves on. After all, we know that in the art and science of logistics there can be millions in the millimetres. So there must be cents (and sense) in the parts too. 

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The complete package

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