The Tilt Test

The Tilt Test

A pallet of goods has to endure (very extreme) forces when in transit. The consequences of accidents and incidents can be costly and, sometimes, pretty spectacular. But exactly how much rough and tumble should stretch wrap hold up to? That’s where our tilt test comes in.

In New Zealand the vast majority of distribution is by trucks. That means wrapped pallet loads have to withstand the rolling and vertical vibrations that come with this mode of transport. The load also has to hold up to sharp back and forth movements in the case of emergency braking or acceleration.

It’s not just truck movements we have to worry about in New Zealand – even product in storage can also be at risk. After the 2016 earthquake that rocked Wellington, Tuatara Breweries was pleasantly surprised to see very little damage in their Kapiti Coast warehouse. Their recently purchased Spinny S140 had firmly contained the loads, allowing them to withstand a vigorous shakedown. Wineries down the road weren’t as well prepared however and experienced significant breakage from product slipping around on pallets.

But exactly how much rough and tumble should stretch wrap hold up to?

When conducting a tilt test we place a sample pallet under a range of stresses to measure how effectively the current film and wrapping technique contains a load. By tilting the pallet at various angles we can replicate the g-forces involved in sudden movements.

We then compare different plastic films and measure the number of layers and tension required to hold a standard load in place. This process identifies the optimum film and stretch wrapping machine set up and provides a benchmark for future monitoring.

The tilt test is just one of the assessments that our technical experts run through when we do an on-site consultation. Only by gathering data can we match the best stretch wrap product and process to ensure superior load containment. And it’s a sometimes just a small movement with the bottom of the pallet that makes a huge difference to the bottom line of a business.

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