Automation and optimisation

As companies grow, systems in the distribution centre inevitably start to creak. At some point a strategic discussion around automation needs to happen. But the wider conversation – one which can seriously boost productivity and returns in the long run – should also be about optimisation.

Big made beautiful

There are many aspects of the new Foodstuffs development at Auckland Airport that are noteworthy.

Hands off?

Handwrapped pallet of bottled water

Five questions to ask if you’re weighing up a move from hand-wrapping to semi-automated pallet wrapping.

Measure up

Be it packaging, equipment, or other processes, our constant refrain when it comes to suggesting new approaches is “if we can’t measure it, we won’t recommend it”.

Five dodgy pallet decisions

How do you choose a pallet wrapping machine that perfectly fits the unique needs of your distribution centre? Getting it right involves looking at more than simply speed and containment criteria.

The Tilt Test

Improving the protection of your team without compromising one iota of productivity requires a number of expertly scoped, carefully coordinated measures.

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