Don’t chance your arm… Use our handy hand-wrapping hints

Don’t chance your arm… Use our handy hand-wrapping hints

Need a hand with pallet wrapping? Here’s our go-to guide for making sure everything is where it should be…

While the variables between pallets can be massive some simple techniques help ensure consistent binding and secure sending. Use this guide you can cover the basics as you cover the boxes…

1 finger v2

1: Prepare your pallet. First ensure the load is stacked correctly and all space between boxes and objects is kept to a minimum. This will prevent any movement while the pallet is in transit. If you can, have the pallet on a raised surface – which will reduce the amount of bending over and prevent any ongoing physical strain.


2: Start the pallet. To begin with place any additional pallet essentials that are required (like a pallet top cover or cornerboard). Then attach the wrap to the load. You can do this by either inserting the wrap between the stacked products or by tying it to the pallet base. Be sure to check that the tack side of the wrap (the sticky side) is against the load.

3 fingers v2

3: Wrap your pallet. Now begin walking backwards or forwards around the pallet with the roll approximately 300mm - 350mm away from the load. Let the roll unwind freely. You should release the tension on the corners then lock the roll tight at the edge by gripping the roll with your thumbs. When the roll is locked tight take a step forwards and stretch the film. To maximise pallet integrity always use a 40-50% overlap going up and down the pallet.

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4: Protect your pallet. As you go be careful wrapping the corners of the load where the most stress is placed on the film. After stretching the film step around the corner with the roll under light tension, then loosen your grip and let the roll unwind.


5: Admiring your pallet. Presto-palleto – your wrap is done! If it’s your first few times doing this now is the time you’ll want to step back from the load to exclaim “that baby’s not going anywhere” as you gently pat the top of the pallet. Look around for high fives from your team members. 



There are a number of different types of hand-wrapping film, and the difference in quality here can greatly affect both the wrap process and the final packaging security. If you have any questions about the right wrap for your pallets don’t hesitate to give us a call or flick us an email.

Use our handy hand-wrapping hints

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