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Hidden talents of Universal

All the world’s a stage!

The great bard wrote ‘Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast’. Our customer service expert Abby McKee certainly knows how to make people feel welcome and heard here. In our latest look at Universal’s hidden talents, we see how her confident, can-do demeanour at work also feeds into a creative outlet on the stage.

It was a high school drama class that first ignited the passion for performing and spurred Abby on to raise her hand for acting in school plays. From there her stage career has taken to a wide range of dramatic roles. Shakespeare is a particular favourite, with A Midsummer Night’s Dream holding a special place in her heart as the first play she performed in.

“I love how witty Shakespeare plays are and how he changes the style of writing based on the characters personality or emotions in a scene,” she says, adding that she also loves musicals, with Sweeney Todd and Falsettos firm favourites.

It’s quite the commitment. When preparing for a performance, Abby will often be practising up to five times per week. Before going on stage, she takes the time to warm up her voice and body with vocal exercises and stretching. Yes, the kind words to “break a leg” may be a well-known tradition. But it helps to be prepared for the literal worst too.

Yet the unpredictable nature of theatre is part of the charm, with plenty of memorable moments happening during live performances.

“There are so many examples,” says Abby. “Recently on the opening night of a show the swing on our set broke. Some of the audience thought we planned that to happen!”

Of course, being a true people person, it’s also the sense of community that draws her in. 

“Every show’s cast and crew become a family because you all spend so much time together,” she says. “You make friends that you will have for years.”

Something of a triple threat, Abby also enjoys dancing. Ceroc is a new-found passion that she discovered during a show in 2023. A social partner dance, Ceroc is a fusion of Salsa and Jive, with hints of Latin, Ballroom, Swing and West Coast influences. The new moves have opened a new world.

“In November 2023, I competed in my first Ceroc competition,” she says. “I got 3rd place in both my categories and I’m now planning to compete again at two competitions later in the year.”

While she enjoys the stage and the thrills and twirls of competition, Abby has no Hollywood plans on the cards – drama and dance is an enriching hobby rather than a career dream.

As far as the Universal Packaging team is concerned, we are incredibly impressed by the confidence and skill Abby has in performing across such a wide range of roles and rhythms. She deserves a standing ovation!

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Hidden talents of Universal

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