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Why read a label?

Make the smart move to coloured pallet wrap.

Companies with a few key product lines will often require a quick identification system for establishing which products are which. Generally the box packaging of these individual products will be designed to provide assistance here, with colour playing a big part. But what happens once these boxes are then wrapped into pallets for storage and transportation? That’s where coloured pallet wrap provides all the answers…

Since introducing SecuraWrap to our product range we have received considerable feedback from customers telling us what a difference it has made.

1. What is coloured pallet wrap?

Coloured wrap is the same high-performance, high-quality machine or hand wrap you know. But, obviously, it’s delivered in a range of bright colours. In a sea of transparent pallets there’s little doubt coloured consignments stand out from the rest. But, apart from looking good, the use of coloured wrap comes with some serious benefits.  

2. What are the main benefits of this type of pallet wrap?

Coloured wrap is a smart and simple way to identify and organise pallets loads. It is also the best way to know to ensure your loads (and your business) stands out from the rest. Implementing coloured wrap is a game-changer for any business looking to improve efficiency on the warehouse floor and add an extra layer of security where needed.

The main benefits of coloured pallet wrap include:

  • Improved efficiency. Colour-coded consignments are quick and easy to identify. Reading a label on a consignment can slow down the process but a visual system works in any language. 
  • Increased brand awareness. Get your brand out in the marketplace by using your company colour on consignment. It’s an easy but effective way to increase your visibility no matter where the pallet might travel.
  • Well-organised stock. Colour coding is an easy way to identify the status of specific pallet loads. From separating loads that are returned or identifying loads in quarantine, colour coding makes it a quick visual process to stay organised.
  • Improved security. Using opaque coloured wrap or black wrap is a simple way to add security for consignments. Pallet contents are kept hidden by dark colours, reducing opportunistic theft.
  • Guaranteed quality. Quality is not compromised when using coloured wrap. Expect the same level of performance and robustness as you would from our standard pallet wrapping products.

3. What should I do now?

If the above benefits would be useful to your business the only thing left to do is get in touch. We supply customers around New Zealand with wrap in a range of colours for hand application or automatic machine application, ensuring this wrap meets all of the performance and quality standards you would expect from Universal Packaging.

You can choose from red, black, yellow or white. So when you’re ready to show your true colours, give us a call. You can view the full range of Securawrap here.

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Why read a label?

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