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How Yashili New Zealand is saving for tomorrow.

With our help Yashili New Zealand has in 2019 been making small changes in packaging approaches that have delivered big results. A new more-sustainable pallet film means the company will have saved the equivalent of over a million plastic shopping bags in just six months.

If there’s one focus that’s grown increasingly obvious in recent times it’s that the modern New Zealand business must grow returns without compromising sustainability gains.

For Yashili New Zealand this has meant looking at every process and product through the lifecycle of the company’s China-bound infant formula.

At their Pokeno plant the team are proud of their ‘best-in-class’ facilities. Temperature and humidity is controlled 24/7 and a wide range of automated processes keep everything absolutely precise. Every can of formula must pass regulatory tests both in China and here in New Zealand. Nothing is left to chance. 

Every outgoing pallet must be of the highest quality too, and protecting this precious cargo requires diligent focus across every facet of storage, packaging and distribution. It also means the busy company is constantly looking at how to improve their operation. 

In 2019 the Yashili distribution team began talking to Universal and we quickly organised a demonstration of our latest pallet wrap choices.

Our first got to work assessing the previous set-up before testing and refining the new film options. There was no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Instead our team recommended the use of wide web film on the powder packaging line, the new Nanowrap20 film on the can line and the SmartwrapXT hand wrap for on-the-go applications.

“By using the Nanowrap20 we calculated they (Yashili) would be saving 40% on film weight for each pallet. Using the wide web film they’re saving 30% in wrap weight per pallet,” says Universal’s Sales Manager Matt Goddin. “It was a massive improvement that could be quickly actioned.”

In just the first six months of operation Yashili will have saved the equivalent of over a million plastic shopping bags in pallet wrap, sustainability results both companies are extremely happy with. 

“These are ‘pure’ savings,” says Goddin. “There are no compromises and the pallet packaging integrity has been increased with the new wrap. It’s a win for costs, product protection and sustainability improvements.”

The clarity of the wrap has also been a nice bonus for Yashili. The previous film obscured much of the pallets, making the contents difficult to identify.

With Nanowrap the presentation was much better – the difference between the two ‘night and day’.

The Universal team has also been on hand with ongoing technical assistance when and where it’s needed.

“We’re preventing any small machinery issues from impacting pallet productivity,” says Jed Goudie, our technical sales consultant working with the Pokeno operation. “The DC team know they can call us at any time and we can quickly deliver what’s needed.”

We’re proud of the big sustainability gains we’ve delivered in recent times. These results show there’s the willingness in many Kiwi companies for continuous improvement – an approach that aligns with our values too.

At Pokeno this has allowed Yashili New Zealand to make the step up with confidence, protecting their formula without compromising the future.

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How Yashili New Zealand is saving for tomorrow.

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