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NanoEcho arrives!

NanoEcho is now in New Zealand. But what does this mean for Kiwi companies trying to increase their sustainability outcomes?

Slip stop, wrap.

Stabulon’s anti-slip paper sheets are increasing in popularity in New Zealand – clearly there’s a need for a quick, simple, and cost-effective way of transporting goods around distribution centres without worrying about pallet slippage.

Introducing NanoLite and the BOLT

Wrapping pallets by hand efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably takes both the right technique and the right pallet film. Get it wrong and you’ll use too much wrap and put too much strain on the body – and even then risk a poorly wrapped load failing to provide the necessary protection.

The focal point of packaging

We’re always interested in what Highlight’s Kurt Riemenschneider has to say, given his decades-long experience in the stretch-wrap business.

Jamestrong Auckland Hits its Straps

Jamestrong knows the importance of a good reputation and their customer’s peace of mind – and how both can only be achieved with an unerring focus on the highest of standards.

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