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S300 Pallet Wrapping Machine

For pallet packaging that requires a little more muscle, the Spinny S300 is ready to do the heavy lifting. With a power carriage that can pre-stretch wrap by up to 300% you’ll get firmly wrapped pallets with a lot less film.

This power in freight packaging capability saves most operators between 40% – 50% in film costs, meaning the S300 provides a healthy ROI for larger-scale distribution centres that already do a lot of wrapping.

This pallet wrapping equipment reduces plastic use with a combination of strength and flexibility. As opposed to a conventional application system, machine-tensioned film allows light or unsteady loads to be wrapped securely and consistently. Operators with diverse wrapping requirements can conveniently program up to ten wrap cycles to cater for all load possibilities. Sound like something that will spin your wheels? Then get in touch with our expert team today.

Ideal for

  • High volume distribution centres
  • Optimising inventory management
  • Wrapping very light, very heavy or unstable pallets
  • Unpredictable pallet loads
  • Powered pre-stretch film carriage – 200%
  • Quality equipment made in Italy
  • 3 year factory warranty
  • Soft start and stop turntable function
  • Indexed turntable returns to start
  • Photo cell for automatic load height detection
  • Touch screen control panel giving 5 programmable wrapping options
  • Touch screen control panel offers ability to lock programs to stop operator interference
  • Single phase
  • Full service maintenance plans
  • Parts backup
  • Excellent after sales support and operator training
  • Turn table diameter up to 2200 mm
  • Wrap height up to 3800 mm
  • Loading ramp
  • Integrated load cell and weight indicator
  • Pit frame
  • With slotted turntable for pallet trolley
Turntable table diameter 1650 mm
Turntable capacity 2000 kg
Distance between mast and turntable 500 mm
Wrap height2100 mm
Turntable Speed0 to 16 rpm
Production Rate Per hour25-35 loads
Power SupplySingle Phase

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S300 Pallet Wrapping Machine

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