S500 Pallet Wrapping Machine

With no need for an operator to start and finish the wrap cycle the Spinny S500 provides exceptional savings in labour costs – making this stretch film equipment the logical choice for wrapping on a large scale.

With a handy device that automatically clamps, cuts, and seals the wrap, the S500 removes the need for manual intervention when wrapping pallets. The forklift driver simply has to deliver a pallet to the turntable and set it in place – after this they are free to get the next one while this is being wrapped.

The increased efficiency doesn’t end there. The S500’s power pre-stretch carriage also offers big savings on plastic film, helping cut costs and reduce plastic use. Distribution centres are also helped by the strength of pre-stretched film, which allows them to firmly wrap light and unsteady loads for safe dispatch. Additionally, the safety risks associated with the manual elements of the storeperson’s are role virtually eliminated.

For large-volume centres the savings made on labour and film costs alone will quickly offset the investment in the S500. This is the right choice when you need to make the step up into full automation.

Ideal for

  • Supermarkets, food or perishables storage
  • Starting the automation process
  • Flow optimisation
  • Reducing forklift use
  • Improving productivity of warehouse staff
  • Quality equipment made in Italy
  • 3 year factory warranty
  • Powered pre-stretch film carriage – 200% pre-stretch
  • Fully automated film clamp, welding and film cutting device.
  • Soft start and stop turntable function
  • Indexed turntable returns to start
  • Photo cell for automatic load height detection
  • Touch screen control panel giving 10 programmable wrapping options
  • Touch screen control panel offers ability to lock programs to stop operator interference
  • Full service maintenance plans
  • Parts backup
  • Excellent after sales support and operator training
  • Slotted base for pallet trolleys
  • 2200mm turntable diameter
  • Mast extension up to 3800mm
  • Weigh scale and digital monitor
  • Ramp
  • Turntable diameter 1650 mm
  • Turntable capacity 2000 kg
  • Distance between mast and turntable 500 mm
  • Wrap height up to 2100 mm detected by photocell
  • Rope reduction of the film
  • Automatic film clamp, welding and cutting device
  • Separate programming of top and bottom reinforcement wraps
  • Table rotation regulated by variable frequency drive from 4 to 10 rpm
  • Sensor controlled rotation stop
  • Speed of film carriage assent and descent adjustable
  • Independent number of top and bottom turns
  • Film carriage fall protection system
  • Motorized pre-stretch film delivery system, up to 300% stretch
  • Touch screen control panel with 10 password protected working cycles
  • Manual film carriage stop for reinforcement wraps during cycle
  • Single phase

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S500 Pallet Wrapping Machine

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