Fully Automated Stretch Wrapper

Fully automated and incredibly dependable, the Spinny S500 has an automated film clamp, welding and film cutting device. Simply deliver your pallet to the wrapper, activate the wrapper by remote and go and collect the next pallet while the S500 wraps your pallet automatically. It’s a set-and-forget unit, delivering advanced wrapping efficiency in one easy-use package.


  • Powered pre-stretch film carriage - 200%
  • 3 year full factory parts warranty
  • Fully automated film clamp, film cutting device and film tail heat sealer
  • Touch screen control panel giving 10 programmable wrapping options
  • Ability to lock programs to stop operator interference
  • Soft start and stop turntable function
  • Indexed turntable returns to start
  • Photo cell for automatic load height detection
  • Fork slots in base for ease of relocation

Additional Options

  • Turn table diameter up to 1800 mm
  • Wrap height up to 3100 mm
  • Loading ramp
  • Integrated load cell and weight indicator
  • Pit frame
Turntable table diameter  1650 mm
Turntable capacity  2000 kg
Distance between mast and turntable  500 mm
Wrap height 2600 mm
Turntable Speed 0 to 16 rpm
Production Rate Per hour 35-45 loads
Power Supply Single Phase

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