Get a load of what’s going on…

Get a load of what’s going on…


Closing the loop

Yes, new developments in pallet wrap are allowing us to do far more with far less.

KBM 4230

At your service: Manual Labour?

In these fast-paced, technology-filled times, all the knowledge in the world seems to be at our fingertips.

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Meet the Team: Abby McKee

Good customer service relies on equal parts unwavering focus, enduring friendliness and diligent coordination. Great customer service makes the complex and often challenging work seem easy.

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Waving goodbye to hand-wrapping in 2022

With the ongoing challenges of a wobbly workforce many Kiwi companies are doing it tough trying to effectively and quickly palletise and ship goods.


In good company

You don’t need to look far to see some great achievements by New Zealand businesses.

IMG 20220603 WA0000

At your service

Your pallet wrapper is a valuable member of the warehouse team and, when it goes down, so does the chances of winning the DC game.

KBP 3824 copy

Automation and optimisation

As companies grow, systems in the distribution centre inevitably start to creak. At some point a strategic discussion around automation needs to happen.

RRT pallets

Compassion, measured by the pallet-load

Operation 322 delivers emergency humanitarian support to Ukraine.

KBM 2523 v2

Meet the Team: Jed Goudie

Our General Manager has covered a lot of ground (and a lot of pallets) over the years.

orgapack v3

Doing it right

While Bunnings customers might visit to get their DIY fix, it’s not a desirable approach for their distribution centre.

how to change the language on your pallet wrapping machine copy v2

At your service

It’s time to say arrivederci to frustrating language barriers on your Spinny machine.

wulftec roll call

Roll call!

Just like loading a roll of toilet paper onto the holder*, there’s a right way and a wrong way to reload your Wulftec stretch wrapper.

Price increase article pic

Production and shipping costs

The incredible situation the world now finds itself in feels like something of a fever-dream.

Photo 4

Looking on the UPside

We’ve had a busy start to the year! During these times it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture with all the ‘head down, get it done’...

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And that’s a wrap!

Last year some of the team starred in the light-hearted look at hand-wrapping happiness with an exciting new product combo: The BOLT and NanoLite.

stabulon logo cgp

Slip stop, wrap

Stabulon’s anti-slip paper sheets are increasing in popularity in New Zealand – clearly there’s a need for a quick, simple, and cost-effective way of transporting goods around distribution centres without...

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What is the real cost of pallet wrap?

Many purchases are made without understanding the bigger picture of ‘true’ value. It is true of shoes. It’s true of property. And, sometimes, it’s also true of pallet wrap.

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Wrapping up

When putting together our newsletter each month we sometimes require a stock image to use with our articles.


In good company

It’s sometimes too easy to be overwhelmed by negative stories and divisive rhetoric.

20210610 29 Wulftec Training copy

Start 2022 as you mean to go on

As New Zealand enters another significant time of uncertainty, there are plenty of what-if’s to consider when it comes to team health and workflow resources.

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Wrap your laughing gear around this…

Drawing inspiration from a delectable Nadia Lim recipe, our resident BBQ specialist Matt Goddin set up the grill and stepped up with the fish… Prep time: 5 mins.

11. December team copy 2

A world of difference

After all the little challenges and big news of 2021, this time of year is always as good for introspection and reflection as it is strategising and planning.

Vista Drinks Spinny

A hand up from hand wrapping

Is it time to hand over your pallet shipping protection to semi-automation? For companies wanting greater packaging efficiency in 2022, the move to a Spinny pallet wrapper may be the...

KBM 1152

Package deal

We are excited to announce that Universal Packaging is joining the Spicers stable of NZ-leading brands.

KBM 4898 v2

The handy BOLT how-to guide

Still struggling to hand wrap pallets quickly, reliably, and safely? Check out how our new wrap dispenser takes all the strain and pain out of the job…  With its uncomplicated,...

Health and Safety min

Quick tips: Health and safety

With increased workloads to deal with, the Christmas rush and subsequent holiday period this time of year often sees temporary staff arrive in New Zealand’s distribution centres to help carry...

20211023 3

Meet the team: Bella

Bellatrix (known by Bella for short) is the latest independent contractor to start work as an occasional collaborator with the Universal Packaging team.

Freight of the Nation

The nation has spoken!

Earlier this year we put out our Freight of the Nation survey. From Cape Reinga to Bluff, we wanted to know what was front of mind behind the scenes with our nation’s storers and senders.

BOLT hand dispeneser

Lite(ning) BOLT

We’re excited to now offer New Zealand companies a faster, safer and more sustainable way of hand wrapping pallets.


In good company

This month’s ‘In Good Company’ visits a very, very busy supplier of microbiology testing systems and consumables.  


Has your stretch film passed its use-by date?

First, let’s be clear, there is no need to hurry about looking for little best before dates on your boxes of pallet wrap.

merve aydin jD2dIC2IZME unsplash v3

The ‘Freight of the Nation’ study needs you!

Tick the boxes, claim your chocolates.


Wrapping up

Welcome back to another report from the Packaging Appreciation Society (P. A. S). We’ve previously shared some of our favourite shopping bag designs with readers.


A ‘carrot and stick’ offer

With so many companies battling through challenging times now is not the time to be leaving things to chance while transporting goods around the DC.

Pallet stacking article 2

Staying ahead of the stack

The process behind picking and building pallets can be fairly simple or incredibly complex, depending on the load.

NZ Drinks

NZ Drinks gets on top of the tails

From their Pokeno site, NZ Drinks uses innovative automation and cutting-edge technology to produce, pack and send over 200 million bottles of water per year.

Kurt Riemenschneider Highlight Industries

The focal point of packaging

With 40 years experience in stretch-wrap analysis and application there’s not a lot that Kurt Riemenschneider doesn’t know about the ins and outs of pallet protection.

Hellers 1 v2

A fresh lease on life… and distribution

As consumer behaviour has changed (and the industry landscape has moved with it) we’re noticing leasing arrangements for pallet wrapping equipment are becoming increasingly popular.

3. Bricking it

The Hall of Shame

It’s that time again – when we look back on some of the more disastrous images to arrive on our screens over the last few months.

DSC00375 25 resized

Testing times

We talk with stretch film expert David Ang about plastics, packaging and innovation with purpose.     David Ang has a lot on his plate.

20210609 21 JMP Servicing copy

A class act

With an expanding service team we needed to ensure everyone was up to speed with our equipment range.


In good company

This month our semi-regular column shares some more of the uplifting news from our customers – stories that are worth celebrating! We’re proud of the innovation and passion that so...

KBP 4190

Sustainable packaging and product damage

As Kiwi companies recognise the common-sense gains to be made from sustainability goals, we’re encountering a greater appetite for improved efficiency and environmentally aware solutions.

orgapack v3

Strapping done right

The light-touch use and heavyweight power of the Orgapack range has been transforming how busy distribution centres reduce palletised product damage.

Pizza v2

It’s the Orgapack perfect-strap proper pizza promo!

We’ll admit that headline is a bit of a mouthful.

IMG 20210412 WA0003

And that’s a wrap!

Foodtech Packtech is done and dusted, wrapped up and sent on its way until next time.

AT28947 v2

The Spinny S140 Special

Every S140 purchase in April and May will also receive five free rolls of Nanowrap.

Heights Experience 9

The UP team’s big day out

On a sunny Friday in March our team traded the work clothes for some fun new t-shirts, the laptops for axes, and the sales targets for archery ones…   Admittedly there was...


In good company

We’re firm believers in the ‘Success breeds success’ adage. When you’re on a roll everything just seems to fall into place that much easier.

IMG 20210407 WA0000 v2

Ribs made resplendent

Summer has now undoubtedly shuffled off to be replaced by the shorter days and dropping temperatures of autumn.

20180918 091323

Foodtech Packtech: Survival tips for attendees

It’s big. It’s busy. And it’s almost here.

KBP 4086

Lessons from Covid (yes, more of them)

In April 2020 we wrote an (admittedly premature) article on the lessons learned from working at distance during the Covid lockdown.

homeslider spinny 1024x682 v2

Working order – Care & maintenance tips for your pallet wrapper

Tough componentry and modern engineering delivers the highest standards in pallet wrapping equipment for New Zealand companies.

2. Incorrect Settings

Unwrapping the process

In this installment of ‘Unwrapping the process’ Universal Packaging’s resident expert Jed Goudie looks out at the key causes of film breakages and how to troubleshoot and fix the problem...


The buzz from above

When it comes to ‘stacking and tracking’ the bigger you are the more chance there is for small issues to accumulate into sizeable losses.


Wrapping up

Friedrich Nietzsche famously said, “If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

Livvys baking

Comfort food

With a little extra time on our hands during lockdown many of us have turned to the kitchen to keep life interesting – with some decidedly delicious results! Yes, by now...

Pallet protection tips v2

It’s fire season

As we swelter in peak fire season the risk of forest and scrub blazes is front of mind for many Kiwis.

Wraps resized v2

Wrap your laughing gear around this…

While our new Marketing Coordinator hasn’t been here long Nadia has fast got up to speed with our processes, our products and, as importantly, our passion for delectable food.

KBM 0863 copy

Meet the team - Nadia Ridsdale

Normally we might wait a little longer with new employees before putting them in the hot seat and grilling them with a quick-fire Q&A.


A show of strength

While it’s still over two months away we’re busy behind the scenes getting ready for Foodtech Packtech.


Looking back on the pack

2021 marks three and a half decades that Universal Packaging has been in the business. In this time some things have changed incredibly.

Highlight test kit

Tool up. Measure right. Pack tight.

When a high-use item can be utilised in different ways to affect overall efficiency there’s often ‘miles in the millimetres’ – small tweaks that can add up to big gains.

Foodstuffs v2

Big made beautiful

Foodstuffs launches ahead at Landing Drive  It’s true that ‘bigger’ doesn’t always mean ‘better’ in the logistics field.

hands off

Hands Off! What to weigh up if considering a move from hand-wrapping to semi-automation.

Weighing up a move from hand-wrapping to semi-automation?  The ‘growing pains’ of a busy distribution operation can seem a good problem to have – the orders are flowing in, everyone’s busy...

Screen Shot 2020 12 04 at 12 v2.20.50 pm

An inside job?

Keeping the ‘break room’ under wraps!  How well do you know your warehouse and distribution space? Take a good look around.

KB1 3061

Meet the team - Stacey Edwards

Working as a Service Coordinator is a complicated and occasionally challenging role. Quality communication skills, in-depth product knowledge and unerring professional diligence are vital.

Stabulon v2

Battling product damage?

It’s time to stick with Stabulon  Are you sick of the same old story with products slipping off pallets as they are transported around the distribution centre? Then you might appreciate...


Wonkey Wonka

Wonkey Wonka  For its day it was one of the biggest marketing campaigns ever run – and it was meant to be the sales triumph of the 20th century.

PHOTO 2020 06 15 19 27 53 7

Big red wraps right - The Warehouse and Wulftec make a great team

Since first arriving in 1982 the ‘Big Red Shed’ has grown into a massive, New Zealand-leading brand.

WRapping Up

September Wrapping Up - What'll it be?

Is this the future of automation? We're all for introducing automation in the DC, but in a bar? Here’s what we think… Pros: Looks cool.

foodstuffs 2 1024x683 v2

Foodstuffs celebrate sustainable savings thanks to Nanowrap

Sustainable success for Foodstuffs New Zealand thanks to Nanowrap.   Last month we shared the sustainability success DB Breweries has made since switching to Nanowrap.

UPL - Spinny Safety 1

The psychology of safety

Improving the protection of your team without compromising one iota of productivity requires a number of expertly scoped, carefully coordinated measures.

FIlm tail 2

A twist in the tail? What to look for, how to fix it.

For the perfectionists, the sight of a film tail dangling from the side of a wrapped pallet is enough to set the teeth on edge.

Universal Packaging - FTPT Show 2012

Foodtech Packtech - A Trip Down Memory Lane

We’ve been attending Foodtech Packtech since 2012.

Garth Travel 3

The journey and the destination: Life on the road for our sales team

The journey and the destination:Life on the road for our sales team  With the ever-changing lockdown landscape, we’re carefully negotiating every twist and turn in the road (when and where we...

DB Waitemata 11

Sustainability gains - A toast to DB Breweries

A recent report from a brewing powerhouse highlights how key decisions in the supply chain can make a massive difference to New Zealand’s sustainability goals.

Countdown dark store

Store away. NZ moves beyond bricks and mortar

The rise of the Dark Store  As some of our country’s well-known brands close bricks and mortar operations to open new distribution centres the breathless reports of ‘dark stores’ have captured...

Spinny Pallet Wrapper with Safety System

Dream Machine

Does buying a pallet wrapping machine seem like a distant dream? We unwrap some of the biggest barriers when it comes to buying a new machine.  

Telescoping Film Binder Image v4

Don't Blow It

Sub-standard results from inferior wrap   No, you’re not seeing things. These are not small rolls of pallet wrap stacked on top of others.

business cargo cargo container city 262353

More shipping, more problems?

More shipping, more problems?

Highlight Picture 1

Measure up

Measure up  Be it packaging, equipment, or other processes, our constant refrain when it comes to suggesting new approaches is “if we can’t measure it, we won’t recommend it”.

Listen Up

Listen up! Noisy hand wrap is damaging ears

Last month we focused on how inferior hand wrap can hold operations back, with weight, product damage and health and safety issues all causing potential negative effects.

Hand wrapping vector

Not very handy - 4 ways inferior hand wrap is holding you back

Not very handy  Necessary evil or easily fixable? We take a look at how sub-standard pallet wrap is affecting New Zealand’s distribution efficiency and workplace health and safety.

Siat PS50 TB Packing Station Siat UK

Boxing clever

The Siat Carton Erector   This is an offer that’s truly ‘out of the box’ – a high quality semi-automatic single box case forming and sealing unit that’s incredibly helpful for reducing...

insight pad preview

Outside the box. What our on-site assessments look for.

With over 35 years combined experience in assessing distribution centres and their dispatch processes, Universal Packaging’s consultant team are experts in their field.

cargo container commerce commercial 906494

State of the Union

State of the Union  Within the incredibly challenging global environment of 2020 most Kiwi businesses are now doing everything they can to stay competitive and cut costs without diminishing one iota...

SHopping Trolley v2

Stepping up to the challenge

We’ve come across some great examples of Kiwi ingenuity and determination. Here are some of their stories…

Wulftec Brochure Spread 3

The Automation Answer

The automation answerDownload our inside look at DC optimisation 

waste to wilderness

Growth strategies

Growth StrategiesWith recycled pallets providing extra value and pallet wrap going beyond its everyday use this innovative approach to native seedling propagation is growing strong.

tin can phone

Distance learning - Five lessons from lock down

Five lessons from lock down  The life-changing challenge of Covid19 has allowed us all the time to ponder what positive adjustments can be made and grown for the future.

stay connected

Connections that count

Connections that count  With some quick calls and a supportive network, we helped an important Kiwi charity deliver to those who need it most during New Zealand’s lockdown.

Pallet Pro Image

Pallet Pro - Our latest Pallet Furniture Finds

There’s a lot of bad pallet furniture out there. Occasionally however something comes across our desk that surprises us.

Screen Shot 2020 03 31 at 2.02.38 PM

Why read a label? Make the smart move to coloured pallet wrap.

Make the smart move to coloured pallet wrap.   Companies with a few key product lines will often require a quick identification system for establishing what products are which.

virus v2

Business as (un)usual. Covid19 and pallet wrap supply

Business as (un)usual   As an essential business it’s now our job to stay open safely and ensure our customers can maintain a reliable source of pallet wrap.

20180629 142546 e1548111340469 576x1024 v3

A stitch in time… Why servicing matters 

A stitch in time…Why servicing matters   Over the last year we’ve been completing on average close to 20 machine services each month.

Wharehouse1 SM

Cast film vs blown film. What’s the difference and why is cast film (in our opinion) better?

Cast film vs blown film. What’s the difference and why is cast film (in our opinion) better?   The numbers don’t lie.

collection of construction safety helmet 38070

Hand wrapping H&S

There’s a right way, a wrong way and an in-between way to hand wrap pallets.

close photography of grilled meat on griddle 1105325

Steak, matching wines sorted!

At the end of last year we asked you for some names.

Sustainability - Universal Packaging

3 Ways D.Cs can improve sustainability measures

Not-so hidden savingsWhen it comes to introducing effective sustainability measures there are a lot of big and bold decisions that can be made when establishing a new building or operation.

Quick Guide OR T 130 260 45

Jamestrong Auckland Hits It's Straps

 Jamestrong Auckland Hits It's Straps  When the new Jamestrong plant in Auckland opened in March 2019 the company invested in new equipment to ensure the team there could effectively handle the...

white and black 2020 with confetti 3496994 v7

Driven in our work - Our 4 goals for a great 2020

Our 4 goals for a great 2020  As everyone moves passed the holiday period and into 2020-proper we’re taking the opportunity presented by some recent forward-thinking exercises to share a little...

Blog 1.2

By the numbers. Now’s the time to audit your pallet film use

By the numbersNow’s the time to audit your pallet film use  You’ve now got data from the entire span of 2019 to help improve and evolve your packaging processes over the...

Nano Wrao Featured v2

NanoWrap - Environmentally-friendly plastic wrap that doesn’t compromise on cost or performance

Making a sustainable choice in your distribution centre is simple with NanoWrap.

blur close up focus ground 401213

From little things, big things grow… 5 small steps that lead to big sustainability gains

With some innovative thinking, and the willingness to evolve, many modern businesses are delivering the goods without overwhelming the environment.

20191213 UPL Beach Cleanup Day Himitangi 3

Be-yooo-diful! - The UP team rolls up to get it done

In the second week of December the team used Friday afternoon for a mission to Himatangi Beach.

Blog 2.2

Welcome to pallet packaging

As New Zealand businesses grow from small start-ups to larger enterprises some will need to make the step from sending a few boxes to sending pallets.

Blog 1.2

Measure by measure

How do you measure how much your pallet wrap is costing your company? In New Zealand, our work involves a lot of analysis to ensure we can provide absolute clarity...

IMG 9941cropped

Bind together - Matt Goddin's grilled goodness

We look behind the scenes to share some of what makes our team so great! The Universal Packaging team is a diverse bunch, and the people here have many unique...

person holding plastic bottle 1201588

Care package

This Friday the 13th December is a good luck day for us. That’s because, from 12.

Banding 2

Unwrapping the process - Scope, wrap, rope

Do you have issues with stretch film riding up on pallets during transportation? Don’t worry – there’s a cost-effective, time-efficient answer.

KB1 7466

Maintenance missions (and how to avoid them)

Regular maintenance on pallet wrappers is obviously highly important to deliver a healthy ROI on the equipment.


Snooze and lose - Five ways to future-fail at business

We’re obviously happy as more New Zealand companies are making the pallet wrapping change to Nanowrap and Futurewrap. Those on the vanguard are reaping the benefits.

Wulftec WCAT450 Oji Levin 5

Box Fresh - Wulftec's Reliability at Oji Fibre Solutions

In 2011 Oji Fibre Solutions decided it was time for a change. The company was experiencing considerable growth and they needed to ensure a future-focused ethos could continue unabated.

Matt Sketch Spinny Layout

Improving DC Efficiency

It’s often easy to focus simply on what’s in front of you in a busy distribution centre or warehouse.

Street view still

Street View delivers again

It’s been scientifically proven we will often exaggerate the impact our mistakes have while others quickly forget such incidents.

Yashili Dairy 9

How Yashili New Zealand is saving for tomorrow

With our help Yashili New Zealand has in 2019 been making small changes in packaging approaches that have delivered big results.

down on the upside

Five dodgy pallet decisions...

While historically in New Zealand we’ve been proud of our ‘she’ll be right’ attitude as you’ll see from these images it seems like ‘relaxed’ work standards happen all over the...

KB1 7455

Time to hand it over?

Is a ‘cash in hand’ pallet wrapping approach costing your company? Here are four key aspects to ponder for the move from hand wrapping to semi-automated pallet packaging.

UPL - Sanitarium - Peter Levett

Tight n’ hasty - How Sanitarium’s packaging got good to go

Some things in life just go together perfectly. At Sanitarium that’s obviously Weetbix and fruit, Light n’ Tasty and UP & GO.


Plan your packaging - What you need to know about SASO

If you’re exporting to Saudi Arabia or a number of other countries in 2020 you’ll need SASO-compliant biodegradable pallet wrap to meet the change in standards.


Trains of thought - How Italians are paying with plastic

How will you be paying today? Cash, card or bottle? In Rome travellers can now finish their refreshment and put the waste to good use, the recycled plastic helping to...

pexels photo 2505705

Revolutionising recycling - Kiwi companies leading the way

Check out five of our favourite companies that are thinking global and acting local when it comes to recycling plastic.

50dd0185 d81f 4803 b8b5 1f1119a06c4a

Spot what goes wrong

Sometimes small errors can have subtle effects on the DC environment. While they’re not always easy to see over time these effects can prove somewhat costly.

UPL - NZ Drinks Pallet Wrapping 6

Still waters run dependable

Pallets of full individual drink bottles are some of the most challenging to transport while avoiding load movement and subsequent product damage.

1 finger v2

Don't chance your arm - Use our handy hand-wrapping hints

Need a hand with pallet wrapping? Here’s our go-to guide for making sure everything is where it should be… While the variables between pallets can be massive some simple techniques...

Survey 2 1024x10241

Crunching the numbers (not the goods)

In May and June we ran a survey and competition to help find out where the pain points were for our customers, and how we can help them wrap up...

Screen Shot 2019 07 24 at 10.49.30 AM

Ready to roll?

Distribution centres need to ensure their equipment is fit for purpose to make the most of an increase in sustainability gains and productivity profits from new wrap products.

KBP 4021

Pack and save and save and save

The Foodstuffs distribution centre in Palmerston North is a 35,000m², state-of-the-art facility running 24 hours a day and distributing more than 600,000 pallets of dry goods to the Lower North...

file 20180306 146666 1yoxlej v2

Exporting to Saudi Arabia?

Exporters to Saudi Arabia and countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will need to make sure they’re ticking the sustainability box with their packaging before they send any literal...

Bag 1

Packaging Appreciation Society - 5 shopping bag designs we rate highly

Just because we’re passionate about pallet wrap that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the finer details of other forms of packaging.

gemma evans F4cloJo0PQM unsplash v2

Stay cool - Our top tips for pallet wrap in winter

Cold temperatures can affect many things – the car starting in the morning, your brain after eating ice cream too quickly, the ability of teams to play free-flowing rugby and...

IMG 5315 2 v2

Yes, we can

Jamestrong knows the importance of a good reputation and their customer’s peace of mind – and how both can only be achieved with an unerring focus on the highest of...

Screen Shot 2019 05 30 at 10.51.20 AM

The future arrives tomorrow

It’s time to invest in tomorrow with sustainable pallet packaging in New Zealand.

Pallets2 SM

Your pallet can-do checklist - 5 tools you shouldn’t be without

If “a poor craftsman always blames their tools” in the modern distribution centre it’s often the case of blaming the tools for not even being used in the first place.

stabulon slip sheet cgp logo

Worried about product slippage? It’s time to get a grip.

If loose lips sink ships then loose products can… well, it’s nothing quite that dramatic, but it’s destructive and costly all the same.


Oh humble pallet...

When you see something all the time it’s sometimes easy to overlook unique strengths in design and construction.

auspack 1 v3

Travel report

In 2019 the AUSPACK expo was the most successful event in its 34-year history with big crowds, innovative presentations and two Universal team members making the rounds to report back...

Screen Shot 2019 04 30 at 9.30.27 AM

Setting, an example

How do you ensure your pallet-wrapping equipment is ready with the settings to go? There are actually a number of ways… We live in a time of ‘bespoke’ this and ‘unique’...

3515432 endgamedek

End (Of Line) Game

As the latest Avengers film hits movie theatres across the planet we take a look at what superheroes have the skills to make it in our industry        Ant Man.

4xnvm97ps1721 v2

Reduced to Tears

Product damage during transportation is obviously one of the main focuses in our work. When pallet wrap tears and breaks occur during transit products move.

block pinwheel tapered pallet

Columns, bricks or Tetris?

While much of our work takes place after the pallet is assembled we still take a pretty close look at pick and build processes.

Dave White 0300

Meet the Team - Dave White

What brought you to the role at Universal Packaging? While I’m the Universal ‘newbie’ (I only started in January) I’m loving the role, the team and the business.

Picture1 v2

Trust me, I'm a scientist

Has years of advertising conditioned us into trusting the overall competency of a person provided they are wearing a lab coat? If so, do we need to wonder why only...

Robot pallets v2

Proper pallet stacker or attention grabber?

Some commentators wondered if running time required far too many back-up units, and were concerned that this technology would only work with uniform pallet loads.

CowsSealesWinslow 1024x585

Silver linings – Seales Winslow’s Spinny revolution

After a massive fire gutted a significant part of the Seales Winslow plant, the company rose from the ashes to evolve and improve its packaging capability.

Take it for a spin

Take it for a spin – How to test the benefits of semi-automation without budget over-commitments

After a massive fire gutted a significant part of the Seales Winslow plant, the company rose from the ashes to evolve and improve its packaging capability.


That’s rubbish. Five ways to ‘spark joy’ with an uncluttered DC

After a massive fire gutted a significant part of the Seales Winslow plant, the company rose from the ashes to evolve and improve its packaging capability.

shutterstock 180140354

Your New Year’s equipment resolutions

The new year is always a good time to take a realistic look at what you aim to achieve and to start in with some good habits to make these...

20180629 142546 e1548111340469 576x1024 v2

Your New Year’s equipment resolutions. Get into good habits with a machinery health check.

Realistically, these should be done weekly. So now’s the time to get into a best-practice mindset with the scheduling of a regular equipment check-up. 1.

last roll v2

Signed, sealed…but delivered?

Sometimes we wake in the middle of the night, eyes wide open, startled by a nightmare of never-ending packaging failure. This is what we dream of…

blue building ikea 1797405 1024x683

Profit from the pallet

IKEA is a brand like no other, with their ethos of good design being “the perfect combination of form, function, quality and sustainability, all at an affordable price” making it a furniture...

installation instructions provided e1548197732186 768x486

Uncovering the process – Wrap parameters

There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to making the most of your wrapping equipment.

Screen Shot 2018 11 22 at 11 v4.23.10 AM 1024x578

Danone’s DC decision

Small is beautiful and less is more at Danone Nutricia.

bruno nascimento 149663 unsplash 768x512 v4

Fit for Purpose

Yes, New Year’s resolutions are always helpful. However sometimes it’s even better to get some healthy momentum before moving into the silly season of bad habits and worse diets.

Matt Goddin

Meet the team – Matt Goddin

What brought you to the role at Universal Packaging? I had the opportunity to join early on and, while I have mainly worked in the sales and marketing side I’ve also...

12370626907122018 core 1544139353302535 2 2 1024x576 v3

Honey glazed barbeque?

There was a great response to our BBQ&A and some interesting results coming through from many of your answers.

Screen Shot 2018 11 19 at 3 v2.49.55 PM 1024x573

Unwrapping the process – A heads-up on neckdown

A Heads-Up on Neckdown. Power pre-stretching film is the secret to safe and stable loads.

mateus bassan 242163 unsplash 1024x576 v2

Witness the Fitness

When things get busy it’s easy to get wrapped up in your work and forget about what else is important in life.

Charlotte McNicol

Meet The Team – Charlotte McNicol

What brought you to Universal Packaging? I had gotten to the stage in my career where I was looking for a new challenge, something that was completely different from what I...


Nest egg - Nanowrap helps Ingham’s save for the future

Back in 1918, Walter Ingham bought his son 6 hens and a rooster to look after on their bushland property in Sydney’s southeast.

Atlantic Visit

Connect and Conquer - How connected technology delivers big gains from small measures.

On a recent research trip to the United States our visits to Pack Expo 2018 and a world-leading pallet wrapping test facility provided plenty of food for thought with how...

Film force 1 v3

Unwrapping the Process - Film force

Our resident Application Specialist Jed Goudie is back with more packaging insights. In the last article, Jed enlightened us on the best way to match wrapping with load profiles.

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It is easy being green

The change to a more sustainable use of resources (and the reasons why we must do so) often seems overwhelming.


It just doesn’t stack up. 4 pallet disasters waiting to happen

1) You know ‘light stuff on heavy stuff’ isn’t some kind of solution for everything, right?

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Fresh Thinking

When handling more than 36 million boxes of fresh produce each year, and managing commercial relationships across 87 countries in seven continents, you need your logistical processes to be the...

Blog 2.2

Unwrapping the process – Load profiles

The first thing we do when assessing a client’s wrap needs is to carefully examine the load profiles required. We need to understand the pallet contents first and foremost.

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Meet the team - Emily Barnier

We are proud to announce the arrival of Emily Barnier to our Marketing Coordinator position.

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Testing the laws of physics with Newton

Three of the Universal Packaging team visited Malaysia in May to see up close our innovative pallet wrap put to the test by the laws of motion.

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Doing more with less

Let’s not pretend anything else – we’re a high profile supplier of plastic. Due to this we occasionally receive colourful comments on social media about our work.

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Foodstuffs packs it safe

Improving staff protection without compromising productivity required a number of expertly scoped and carefully coordinated measures.

UPL - Pallet Wrap Corner

Five ways to stop your pallet wrap breaking

Regular pallet wrap breakage is often expensive and undoubtedly frustrating to New Zealand companies.

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The Tilt Test

A pallet of goods has to endure (very extreme) forces when in transit. The consequences of accidents and incidents can be costly and, sometimes, pretty spectacular.

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Just how much should a stretch wrap stretch?

Believe it or not, the world of plastic wrap is a busy and complex place.

Secrets of superior load containment, exposed!

After decades in the business of packaging, we’ve got load containment locked down. Here are our tips for reducing damage in transit. 1.

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The complete package

The last thing you want to be thinking about when buying a new stretch wrapper is it breaking down.

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Inside look : Seymour Distribution

After close to four decades dispatching quality home wares and household goods around New Zealand, Seymour’s knows that seconds and grams really matter.

InsideLook Tuatara 06 1024x683

Inside Look: Tuatara Brewing Co.

On a standard day Tuatara Brewery bottles, labels and packs 7000 litres of their award-winning beer.

Sealed Air 03 1024x683

Inside Look: Sealed Air

New Zealand’s food industry relies on Sealed Air’s packaging solutions to keep food safe and waste to a minimum.

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Meet the team - Garth Hill

Our Technical Sales Representative spends a lot of time in traffic… and occasionally on traffic.

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