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Meet the team: Russell Bacon

When everything is running smoothly a good Operations Manager is primarily focused on keeping the ship steady.

Meet the Team: Abby McKee

Good customer service relies on equal parts unwavering focus, enduring friendliness and diligent coordination. Great customer service makes the complex and often challenging work seem easy.

Looking on the UPside

We’ve had a busy start to the year! During these times it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture with all the ‘head down, get it done’ each day. A fun-filled day out was just what the doctor ordered…

And that’s a wrap!

Last year some of the team starred in the light-hearted look at hand-wrapping happiness with an exciting new product combo: The BOLT and NanoLite. After the video debuted a few questions naturally arose. Did Dave have an agent? Was the rumour of Nadia auditioning for Shortland St true? Did Matt blow the make-up and catering budget for the shoot? Had Taika Waititi been on phone with offers of roles in his latest film?

A world of difference

After all the little challenges and big news of 2021, this time of year is always as good for introspection and reflection as it is strategising and planning.

A Class Act

In June we hosted a training programme for our service team. It was the perfect opportunity to up-skill our technicians and ensure everyone can continue to provide the most efficient and effective maintenance, repair and general servicing work.

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